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Ekka in need of beef up


I VISITED the Ekka on Monday with friends from Singapore who wished to take their children to an event that is not available over there.

We were sorely disappoint­ed. About 30 beef cattle were on display. We were informed the judging was last week and that the exhibitors transporte­d the cattle out on Sunday night.

When I asked why, I was astounded that the RNA charges $160 a day per animal. It is a stall, not a hotel room. There were not enough dairy cattle to make a herd, no deer, a handful of pigs and more bacon in Coles.

The Ekka is dominated by sideshows and not much else.

The public, exhibitors and show people are charged a fortune. Yet we are getting less and less for our dollar.

Bring back the Ekka’s stated principal aim of promoting and encouragin­g the agricultur­al, industrial and cultural resources of Queensland, because at the moment it is a poor showing of very little. A small-town country show is better value. Don Todorovic, Ferny Hills

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