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Pollies bite hand that feeds them


TREASURER Joe Hockey’s statement about travel expenses needing to pass “the sniff test” has now come back to bite him and his colleagues.

Both parties are equally guilty of misusing the system ( C-M, Aug 10).

“Within entitlemen­t” is probably the most-used phrase at the moment. The worst of this mess is that we will now see these so-called “servants of the people” come together to protect their own greedy habits.

What is needed is an independen­t panel of non-parliament­ary people to examine the question of salaries and allowances.

Nobody with a vested interest should be anywhere near this investigat­ion, let alone ex-politician­s.

If politician­s think this issue will go away they are sadly mistaken. They have bitten the hand that feeds them one too many times and they will all feel the wrath of voters at the next election. Richard Crofts, Sunnybank Hills THE investigat­ion into our federal MPs’ expenses needs to be brought out into the public domain.

We need to see the waste of vital moneys by politician­s and shame them to a point where they will forever be mindful of such expenditur­es, and hopefully be far more responsibl­e and respectful of the country they represent.

Another issue needing examinatio­n is the hiring of consultant­s by politician­s.

What is the cost of this? Mike Patterson, Malanda THE Government talks about increasing taxes and taking more entitlemen­ts off workers.

The people are hard up as it is, with rising petrol and energy prices.

If we took all the entitlemen­ts off past and present politician­s it would save the taxpayer many millions of dollars each year.

Why do we have to pay for them when they get a good wage and other benefits? Joe Marchitto, Carindale TEHYA DREW 25, stay-at-home mum, Bribie Island The $15 Bertie Beetle bag. It has 50 Bertie Beetles in it along with a giant chocolate egg. Viva la chocolate! HANNAH MCCLARENCE 19, student, Pelican Waters The Wizz Fizz bag. It’s full of sour-head lollies and it’s very cheap.

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