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Growing up, sex was not a taboo topic in young actor Tyger Drew-Honey’s home.

With Britain’s most famous porn star as a dad — real name Simon Honey, porn name Ben Dover — and a mother who also worked in the industry, Drew-Honey says their open talks helped him form a healthy view of sex and relationsh­ips.

But with the rise of smartphone­s leading to easily accessible online porn, he has seen his contempora­ries run into real problems as a result.

And so the idea of Tyger Takes On was born.

In the three-part docuseries, Drew-Honey aims to help a younger audience relate to the issues that affect them.

While part one focused on porn, this week’s show is based on body image, an increasing concern for young men.

“I’m not necessaril­y happy with my body,” admits DrewHoney, 19. “I don’t have a sixpack, I’ve got a bit of a pot belly. So we delved into the lengths that a lot of guys go to in order to achieve those bodies, a lot of which is ridiculous and also dangerous.”

With two more series commission­ed, Drew-Honey will next be looking at dating, sexuality and sexism.

“I’m really enjoying myself on it,” he says. TYGER TAKES ON, BBC KNOWLEDGE, WEDNESDAY, 8.30PM

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