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Fans of Panasonic’s GX series like the compact system camera for its style and features. With the GX8, they have more to like.

Features include a dust and splashproo­f body, a microphone input for better sound quality on home movies, and a bigger sensor of 20 megapixels.

Some improvemen­ts might not be noticeable at first, such as a better image stabilisat­ion. Others are perfect for certain scenarios, such as the three 4K still photograph­y modes which let you shoot video at 30 frames per second and eight megapixels in size.

The GX8 doesn’t look sexy, but it has a functional body with big dials to control modes, aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensati­on.

While features such as 4K video capture are why some people will choose this camera, we like some of the little things, such as a live viewfinder that tilts up to 90 degrees so you can look down on your camera as if it was a Box Brownie when shooting at a low angle. In this model, it has a higher magnificat­ion. More positives include wi-fi connectivi­ty and an ISO range of up to 25,600. On the negative side, although it has a hot shoe for an external flash, there is no pop-up flash. And while the GX8 is a big step up from its predecesso­r, it has a higher price tag. / ROD CHESTER

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