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Stroke man found after day in toilet


A MAN who suffered an apparent stroke in a toilet cubicle in one of Sydney’s busiest hospitals was not found until the next day.

Officials at Royal North Shore Hospital have confirmed that the man, 67, was found by a hospital cleaner in a public toilet in its outpatient­s department. He had gone unnoticed for 21 hours.

Last night the 67-year-old North Shore man was in a critical condition in the same hospital with his family by his bedside. An urgent inquiry has been ordered into how the man, who arrived at the hospital for a medical appointmen­t at 9.30am on Monday, ended up not being noticed by staff.

When he did not return home from the appointmen­t his concerned wife called the hospital, Channel 9 reported.

Staff told her that her husband had not turned up for the scheduled appointmen­t.

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