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ABC denies conflict of interest in speaking gig


THE anchor off ABC-TV’s flag- . ship weeknight t s ss,programcur­rent affairs7.30, , p ly Leigh Sales, is s re nent among ABC prominews s - personalit­ies s who are subsi- dising lucrativee six-figure publicc broadcaste­r incomes omes with paid work as public speakers.

Sales (pictured), who earns $280,400 at the broadcaste­r, normally commands $10,000 an event. The current affairs presenter is just one of a host of ABC news program anchors w whose services are sp spruiked by public speakingsp bureaus; althoughal in Walkleyle Award winner Sales’Sa case, on multiplem bureaus.

An ABC spokesmanm yesterday defendedfe the broadcaste­r’sca decision to allowal its key journalist­s the freedomf to supplement their incomes with corporate work, despite concern it flies in the face of the broadcaste­r’s charter concerning journalist­ic independen­ce and could compromise the integrity of its news products.

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