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Research fund given the Green light


THE Abbott Government’s The Government says that an independen­t expert advis$20 billion medical research about $1 billion in uncomory board which would include future fund has passed the mitted money from the existeight medical experts with exSenate, with the support of the ing Health and Hospitals Fund perience in philanthro­py and Greens. will be transferre­d into the in consumer issues.

The fund, which will drive MRFF which will eventually “The Minister for Health money into medical research provide about $1 billion a year will also be required by law to and innovation, was first anfor medical research. report to the Parliament once nounced in the 2014 Budget. Labor and the Greens have every two years on how re

The Government had origraised concerns about the search funded by the Medical inally hoped to direct money transparen­cy of the fund but in Research Future Fund meets mentfrom intothe the Medicarefu­nd mmcbefore co-payit day, a statementt­he Government released said yesterthe are the strategy independen­tlyand priorities­set by that the was scrapped earlier this year. fund would be administer­ed by board,” the statement said.

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