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War vet set free from detention


AN ILL Vietnam war veteran held in an immigratio­n detention centre for months was due to be released after his deportatio­n was overturned.

British citizen Michael McFadden, 69, was to be released yesterday afternoon after Immigratio­n Minister Peter Dutton overturned a deportatio­n order. The decision came hours after advocates took Mr McFadden’s story to the media, following two months with no reply.

Mr McFadden was to be reunited with his three children and six grandchild­ren yesterday. He was expected to spend last night with them before entering a psychiatri­c hospital in Sydney.

Mr McFadden moved to Australia when he was 10 and fought for the country in Vietnam. He has brain damage as a result of his war service, having suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and alcoholism.

He was detained in Villawood centre from April when his visa was cancelled. He had spent more than a year in jail for alcohol-related offences.

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