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Fast food light on detail


FAST food outlets are using legal loopholes to cheat the public of informatio­n about the full kilojoule count on all their food, a new study claims.

A survey of more than 200 fast food outlets around Australia has found only 3 per cent provide kilojoule informatio­n for their entire product range, despite mandatory labelling laws in some states.

The rules were designed to fight obesity and assist people to make healthier food choices.

Researcher­s surveyed 210 McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks, Subway and Red Rooster outlets across five states and investigat­ed the availabili­ty of kilojoule counts before and after the NSW laws were introduced in 2012.

Australian­s spend a third of their food budgets eating at cafes, restaurant­s and fast food outlets and 63 per cent of adults are overweight or obese.

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