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Pollies’ self-entitled approach to expenses requires change


THE naming of people or things is really important because it gives them a form of identity. I am not sure where the word “entitlemen­ts” came from but it has surely worked.

Politician­s from both sides have used the concept to take what they consider their entitlemen­ts. Along the way, they have allowed the concept to override common sense and integrity.

Entitlemen­ts allow politician­s to use the resources of our nation for themselves. Have you noticed not one of them, from Joe Hockey to Christophe­r Pyne, from Bronwyn Bishop to Tony Burke (pictured), has said that they did the right thing flying their kids business class around the country? No, all they can say is that it was within the guidelines. What working man or woman would fly their kids to Sydney for New Year’s Eve fireworks and expect the firm to pay business-class fares for all?

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten, it is time to kill off once and for all the concept of entitlemen­ts for federal politician­s.

The new name should be “requiremen­ts”. If it is required for you to do your job, then the job should pay for it. If it is not required for your job, then you should pay for it. As happens in business, schools, hospitals, offices around the country.

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