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There’s a lot of garbage fauxmetal out there. Take a cursory glance at rage on a Saturday night and you’ll invariably enter a half-hour vortex of shirt-grabbing mock-rock we thought we got rid of when The Butterfly Effect’s Clint Boge was politely shown the door. DLC escape that category because of their songwritin­g chops. In Plain Sight is a bit Jeep ad, The Burning Number goes toe-to-toe with Deftones circa ‘97 then Show Me Up shoves everything out of the way so Kim Benzie’s mid-range vox can glide through, eventually letting Luke Williams’ luxurious drum fills in. X needs more of an X factor. A better title than Aesthesis would borrow from Daniel Clowes’ unsettling novel: Like a Velvet Glove Cast In Iron. / MC

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