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You have to pay pollies the big bucks


RICHARD Crofts, Mike Patterson and Joe Marchitto (Letters, Aug 12) complained of the blatant abuses committed by politician­s as they wade into the public purse to indulge in their perks.

In the same edition we read of Newcastle “playmaker” Tyrone Roberts being offered $400,000 for a two-year deal to play football by the financiall­y challenged Titans NRL club.

We all should think about that for a moment.

It seems the public is prepared to accept that a footballer should be paid $200,000 a year for us to watch him chase a football around a field for 80 minutes each week over a 26-week period, and most likely lose.

But at the same time we appear to have a problem in paying the same sort of money to elected representa­tives whose job it is to plan, organise, direct and control the future of 24 million people on a 24/7 basis.

Surely we need to bring all this into perspectiv­e.

Abuses that are committed by anybody at any time involve stepping outside the rules.

But now we need to hope for two things. Firstly, that we as a nation will recognise the importance of electing and rewarding top-performing politician­s with appropriat­e CEO-type remunerati­on, and secondly, that the review of politician­s’ entitlemen­ts will tighten up these provisions so that our politician­s don’t see them as a justifiabl­e means of compensati­ng for their inadequate recognitio­n. Richard K. Tiainen, Holland Park West

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