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Emissions target a reasonable cut


THE latest emissions reduction target which the Abbott Government has committed to ( C-M, Aug 12) is reasonable and achievable.

Australia has to play its part in the global offensive to cut carbon emissions and thwart “unnatural climate sabotage”, a more accurate definition of what carbon-laced pollution is doing to the atmosphere.

Greatly reducing Australia’s fossil-fuel footprint is tantamount to that goal being achieved. Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Direct Action plan, which aims to cut 2005 carbon emission levels in Australia by between 26 to 28 per cent by 2030, is a rational compromise between a job-destroying carbon tax and doing practicall­y nothing to meet Australia’s obligation to the Kyoto Treaty.

However, it won’t matter what emissions reduction target the Abbott Government meets or doesn’t meet if clearing old-growth forest, particular­ly equatorial rainforest, continues around the world. A global treaty must be signed by all G20 leaders to ensure that every remaining bit of old-growth forest is spared from destructio­n. Tim Badrick, Toogoolawa­h THE Federal Government’s proposed 26 to 28 per cent carbon-emission reduction target, which it plans to table at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, is embarrassi­ng.

Tony Abbott and Environmen­t Minister Greg Hunt’s use of rubbery figures to come up with a credible sounding target may fool some into believing they are taking the matter seriously, but I’m sure the global community won’t be so gullible. Abbott’s “coal is good for humanity” climate-change policies lock Australia into remaining the highest per capita carbon emitters in the OECD.

The science is in, and it proves immediate action must be taken to reduce fossil-fuel pollution. Aaron White, Kin Kin RAVI RANJAN 27, student, West End I don’t think you can say that. I see people being active all the time – jogging or heading to the gym. You see heaps of people exercising at South Bank too. MADDIE BROWN 22, hospitalit­y worker, Newmarket I think so. I think technology is a big contributo­r with people on their phones all the time, the internet and Netflix.

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