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The moon and the sun remain the best part of 93 million miles apart… but when viewed from the window of Spaceship Earth at the moment, they seem very close together. Indeed, we can’t see the moon at all because it is rising and setting each day at around the same time as the sun. Thus we have arrived once again at the dark of the moon. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the mystical significan­ce of all this. For now, let us be glad that a moonless night may make it easier to spot elusive Mercury in the early evening.


When we send texts or emails to people all over the world, they either receive them seconds later or, if they’re away from their machines, they get them in the future. But we can’t send those messages back in time. To suggest otherwise is to appear a fool. But is it really foolish to suggest that though we can’t pass back lottery numbers or racing results, our future selves can communicat­e subtle alerts? Today may show you how you “just knew” something would turn out in a certain way. And how glad you are of that. Turn the power of the new moon to your advantage. Pick up the phone. Call 1902 222 500.


Where are the fairy godmothers when we need them? What has happened to the wish-granting leprechaun­s? And how about the gift-giving angels? Have they all gone to some cosmic convention where the guest speaker is Santa Claus himself, who has left his midyear break to give the keynote speech? A fairer assessment of the celestial situation, today, would be that all the help you need is right with you. But you may have to use your imaginatio­n to see how what you’ve got can become what you need. It’s the dark of the moon. For spine tingling news to make your heart leap, call 1902 222 500.


What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? Now, I’m not asking these questions in an attempt to elicit from you some convincing explanatio­n of why it is unreasonab­le for you to expect any progress today. It is more that I would like to invite you to reconsider all those apparent obstacles and difficulti­es. I’m not saying they don’t exist. I’m not saying that they aren’t intense, in their own way. But I am saying that with effort, they are surmountab­le. And in your heart of hearts, you already know this very well. It’s the dark of the moon and your future can be revealed and changed. Call 1902 222 500.


At school they teach us to be sensible. They tell us that this is for our own benefit. But it also suits our teachers. The more they can cajole us into “good behaviour”, the less trouble we cause them. And the less inclined we are to ask probing questions that undermine educationa­l assumption­s, the more they can get on with the business of forcing facts and figures into our minds. All of which is well and good, but as the approachin­g new moon suggests, there is nothing very sensible about being too sensible. Be a little looser today. Your forecast will lift your spirits. Call 1902 222 500.


Here comes the new moon in Leo. That little black circle in your diary or on your calendar denotes the monthly point of lunar invisibili­ty. But people often use the phrase “new moon” to mean the tiny toenail clipping-shaped glow that we see a day or two after the new moon proper has been and gone. Seemingly clear terminolog­y can be misleading. Definition­s can be deceptive. And I point all this out for a reason. You may think that one thing is happening now. But what is actually happening means far more. Turn the moon to your advantage. Pick up the phone. Call 1902 222 500.


No intelligen­ce test can test imaginatio­n. The two are mutually exclusive. Intelligen­ce involves seeing what exists and deducing from that what must also exist – and where it will be. Imaginatio­n, by contrast, is all about seeing what doesn’t exist and creating a convincing framework upon which to attach further apparent evidence to support the illusion. As imaginatio­n is incontesta­bly more important, there is proof of how stupid it is to value your IQ. Your imaginatio­n, today, will yet prove to be your greatest blessing. It’s the dark of the moon. For spine tingling news, call: 1902 222 500.


“Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me…” So goes the 18th-century hymn by John Newton. Now there’s a song that has stood the test of time. But then, in order to identify with the lyric, we don’t even have to be religious. If we are even remotely sensitive to the cosmic energy at the heart of our own existence, we intuitivel­y recognise what it feels like to be protected, rescued, supported and “saved”, if only by nature itself, if not by some other named deity. You’ll see what I mean by this today. It’s the dark of the moon and your future can be revealed and changed. Call 1902 222 500.


Earlier this week, I said “thought follows feeling”. A Scorpio has since queried this. She says, “don’t you mean that feeling follows thought?” Well, okay. Often, an idea gives rise to an emotion. But often too (surely, more often), first we have a feeling that wells up within us from some place that we cannot easily identify, then our minds set about justifying that reaction or response, clutching at straws of questionab­le logic to explain the inexplicab­le. Whoever is right, however it all works, you can trust what you feel today. Your forecast will touch your heart and lift your spirits. Call 1902 222 500.


Why are you doing what you are doing? Why aren’t you doing something else? I ask not to unnerve you, but in the hope that this will provoke a feisty response. As you bristle with indignatio­n at the suggestion that you may need to explain yourself, you may find that you become able to articulate an aspect of your plan in a way that you have previously been unable to express. That, in turn, will mirror the process that is now happening within you as your unconsciou­s makes clearer contact with your consciousn­ess. Turn the power of the moon to your advantage. Pick up the phone. Call 1902 222 500.


There is, I suppose, a danger that if I keep talking in your forecast about the more mischievou­s aspect of your personalit­y, I may draw unwelcome attention to this secret side of you. Thus others will be alerted and we will limit your ability to get up to what some might call, ‘no good’. But then surely only your fellow Capricorns are reading this, and they already know about it just as much as you do. They also know, as you do, that this is not ‘no good’. It has the potential to do a great deal of good indeed. It’s the dark of the moon. For spine tingling news to make your heart leap, call 1902 222 500.


As we approach a new moon in your opposite sign, you become exceptiona­lly sensitive to other people’s opinions and emotions. You can either tell what they are feeling… or thinking. If they happen to be thinking and feeling the same thing, you can naturally enough detect both. But it is not so easy to be aware of the subtle yet crucial distinctio­n between an idea and an emotion. (As we discussed for other reasons in our Scorpio forecast today.) Be aware that someone’s true position may not be their declared position. It’s the dark of the moon and your future can be changed. Call 1902 222 500.


“United we stand, divided we fall, and if our backs should ever be against the wall…” So goes the Brotherhoo­d of Man song. It expresses a very noble sentiment – though it is often, sadly, too true that when backs are against the wall, chips are down and tensions are running high, it becomes ever more difficult to maintain a sense of unity. There are never any winners in the blame game, but no matter how strained relations become, it is always possible to attain reconcilia­tion. With trust regained, miracles may yet happen. Your moon-sign forecast will touch your heart and lift your spirits. Call 1902 222 500.

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