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BABY sprinkles and genderreve­al parties are the latest trend for expectant mums as the number of celebratio­ns and demands for gifts explodes.

Traditiona­lly, only the birth of a first child has been celebrated with mums-to-be thrown a baby shower where they receive gifts to help them for motherhood.

But, baby sprinkles – a celebratio­n for second and third births – are growing in popularity. So, too are parties where expectant parents announce to family and friends the gender of their baby.

The number of celebratio­ns around weddings and engagement­s is also growing with etiquette experts saying many events are just a blatant grab for gifts.

“I am appalled by some people’s expectatio­ns that their friends should somehow set them up in every stage of life. Greedy people have spoiled gift giving for everyone,” Queensland etiquette expert Patsy Rowe said.

“Gone are the days when we happily bought a lovely present for a wedding and then when a baby was born. Now the number of events and parties that are held drain people dry.”

Ms Rowe said she does not think anyone “should ever make a request for any kind of gift on an invitation”.

Mum of two Michelle Horn from Thornlands in Redland City refuses to be pulled into a gift grabbing culture.

She recently held a baby sprinkle party before the arrival of baby Sophie. She insisted guests did not bring a present.

“I was very conscious of double dipping in the gift department. I already had a baby shower before the birth of my first child Josh and received lovely gifts so I didn’t want to put any gift expectatio­ns on the same friends,” she said.

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