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Do bubs a flavour, give ‘em curry


PARENTS should feed their babies curries and spicy foods to stop them becoming fussy eaters.

Experts warn of the dangers of children under 12 months being fed a traditiona­l bland “white” diet or pureed fruit and vegetables, urging parents to spice it up with internatio­nal flavours from India and Thailand.

“I have noticed an enormous influx of children from four years old that are stuck in the white diet which lacks variety, flavour, colour and nutrients,” Dietitians Associatio­n of Australia spokeswoma­n Kate Di Prima said. “From six to eight months children are not picky and in my experience most will try anything but it is later that the fussiness will appear.

“Babies need to be sampling foods with internatio­nal flavours like cumin, cardamom, garlic, chives and coriander. It is important to expose them to different flavours early.”

The food expert does warn against giving babies chilli or salt.

“Chilli can spark gastro problems ... but there is no reason they shouldn’t have some mild curry,” she said.

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