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HIS grandfathe­r was executed outside his home in Brisbane’s south when he was only two.

Thirteen years later his cousin was gunned down in a Melbourne gangland “hit” made famous in the Underbelly TV series.

According to court documents, his brother “has been in and out of” jail and is awaiting trial on drug manufactur­ing charges.

His dad was also outed as living a “double life” with a “secret family” when his half-sister was kidnapped.

Now the next generation of the notorious Barbaro family has made a bid to get out of from behind bars where he is on remand after heavily-armed cops collared him as he bought a snack at fast food chain Nandos.

Rossario Dom Barbaro, 26, from Southport, spent four years on the run before he was captured at Coolangatt­a on June 27 last year and held in a Brisbane jail.

Police allege they found 36g of the drug ice in a black satchel during a search of his blue Hyundai sedan.

Details of Barbaro’s lengthy rap sheet were heard in the Supreme Court earlier this month where he failed in

his bid to be freed on bail after 14 months behind bars on a charge of unlawful possession of a dangerous drug.

Justice David Boddice said Barbaro had an “appalling criminal history” with 30 conviction­s.

They include escaping from Runaway Bay police station in October 2006 by sprinting out the back door to the local tavern and for assaulting a pair of teenage US tourists late at night in a Southport alley on Christmas Eve in 2008.

According to court documents the plumber, who has lived on the Gold Coast since he was eight, has also admitted to punching a man in Waxy’s Irish Pub in Surfers Paradise on the same night.

In January 2007 he admitted spitting and urinating on a car at a Southport bottle shop before his co-offender punched the driver.

Even while on remand in Arthur Gorrie prison, NSW authoritie­s want him to face drugs charges.

In February a Sydney court issued a warrant for his arrest on charges of manufactur­ing 2kg of “ice” at Parkesbour­ne near Goulburn and at Cobbitty, in Sydney’s southwest, between October 2010 and November 2011.

He has been charged alongside his older brother Pasquale, 34, a commodity trader from Sydney’s Italian hub of Leichhardt.

Their dad Giuseppe “Joe” Dom Barbaro hit the headlines in 2004 when his ninemonth-old baby Montana was kidnapped in Melbourne by a couple desperate for their own child, revealing Joe’s secret double life.

Rossario and Pasquale grew up in Canberra until Joe split up with their mum Eva in 1996.

Their grandfathe­r, Pasquale “Peter’’ Barbaro, was executed outside his Runcorn home in 1990.

Their cousin – also named Pasquale Barbaro – was killed with criminal Jason Moran at a kids’ footy clinic in Melbourne in June 2003. The murders were made famous in the Un

derbelly TV series and were ordered by Carl Williams.

Rossario’s case returns to court on October 16.

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