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Woman, 19, who received Broncos star’s stolen car admits to 57 charges


A TEENAGE drug addict who bought the stolen luxury car belonging to NRL star Darius Boyd for a small quantity of drugs has been sentenced to 18 months’ jail.

Hayley Anne Gillespie, 19, pleaded guilty in the Pine Rivers Magistrate­s Court yesterday to 57 charges accrued during a five-month crime spree. During that time she unlawfully used three luxury cars, drove dangerousl­y, evaded police, stole number plates and defrauded shops.

The matter was previously adjourned so the prosecutio­n could determine when and where damage was done to the car owned by Brisbane Broncos fullback Boyd (pictured) and his wife, although this could not be establishe­d, the court was told.

The car, an Audi A5 coupe, has a previously re- ported market value of $78,000. It was allegedly found spray- painted.

Among the char- ges against Gillespiee was one for unlawfulul use of the car, which Magistrate Trevor Morgan said was serious because of the teenager’s criminal history.

However, fraud committed by Gillespie was facilitate­dta by the “slack” procedures­pr of the shopssh involved, he said.

“Presenting photocopie­dco receipts and gettingge refunds is mind-boggling,”m he

Lawyer Hollie Mitchell said d Gillespie had gained work as a kitchen hand during her 41 days in prison and wants to pursue similar employment when she is released. “She accepts there is a long road ahead of her,” Ms Mitchell said.

Mr Morgan replied: “She’s an addict now, she’ll be an addict for the rest of her life. It’s just a question of how she controls it.”

He sentenced Gillespie to 18 months’ jail but said he agonised over her parole date of December 18 because it was just before Christmas.

“When you are released you are going to feel like celebratin­g. What you need to do between now and then is to work out a strategy whereby you can celebrate without any drugs,” he said.

Gillespie was an ideal candidate for the former Drugs Court, which would have placed more emphasis on helping her rehabilita­te, he said.

“It’s gut-wrenchingl­y sad to see a young 19-year-old girl now in prison,” he said.

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