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Silly Billy disloyal to workers


W HO had the worst week in Federal Parliament; Tony Abbott or Bill Shorten?

I suppose it’s anyone’s guess. However the PM hurt the Opposition Leader during the debate over Dyson Heydon’s royal commission into union corruption.

Abbott accused Shorten (left) of a “vicious slander” of Heydon. Then he described Shorten as “that smirking phony over there, that assassin”; a reference to his role in the downfalls of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard.

Opposition members squirmed. Shorten was embar- rassed again during debate over the China Free Trade Agreement. His duplicity was exposed with the help of the memoir of former Labor leader Mark Latham. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop read from

The Latham Diaries: “Little Billy Shorten was in my ear about the free-trade agree- ment, telling me the party has to support it.

“I said that I thought both he and his union were against it, to which Billy responded: ‘That’s just for the members, we need to say that sort of thing. We need to say that sort of thing when they reckon their jobs are under threat’.”

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