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By any estimate, Minister’s use-by date has expired


COLUMNIST Terry Sweetman ( C-M, Aug 21) is correct.

Police and Corrective Services Minister Jo-Ann Miller is an accident waiting to happen.

The Yes Minister- style game-playing by factional buddies to stymie questions directed to Miller (pictured) at the Estimates hearings makes a mockery of the issues of accountabi­lity, integrity and transparen­cy being aired in these hearings.

It is also a bad look for Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk to take holidays in arguably one of the most important weeks for herself and her Government in arguing their policies and decisions so far. Palaszczuk’s handling of Miller’s litany of mistakes is questionab­le. The comparison with former trouble-prone Newman government minister Ros Bates is one that sadly rings true. As Sweetman sug- gested, “We are equally entitled to wonder whether Labor is similarly so bereft of talent that it has to cling to Miller”.

After her apparent need to refresh and regroup herself with her timely holiday during Estimates week, Palaszczuk should perhaps take the same approach to refreshing and regrouping her ministry on her return. It will be interestin­g to see if the Premier has the political backbone to bring to a close a questionab­le ministeria­l selection that clearly has not worked. JO-ANN Miller’s performanc­e before the Labor-chaired Estimates hearing this week made a mockery of what should be seen as serious governance of our state.

It seems to me that the Palaszczuk Government is of the opinion that voters live by one set of high moral integrity and accountabi­lity standards while it can meander through those same standards with contempt and disdain.

This is simply not good enough. JO-ANN Miller’s “grilling” turned out to be, as expected, a perfunctor­y wave over the hot coals that ended up indigestib­le, tasteless and time wasting.

We need to turn up the heat, maybe even apply a blowtorch, although Teflon is very hard to roast.

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