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‘Local’ interest test for legal action would threaten wilderness areas


I HAVE been pondering the implicatio­ns of the Abbott Government removing the legislatio­n that prevents anyone but “local” interests mounting a legal challenge to mining and other developmen­t projects ( C-M, Aug 20).

I’m particular­ly interested in who will be “allowed” to protect other environmen­tally sensitive areas, particular­ly ones that are isolated.

In the past these areas have included the Great Barrier Reef, the Franklin River and the Daintree.

They are isolated and don’t have any local residents.

Given the way that Environmen­t Minister Greg Hunt has done his job, I wonder how long it might be before any or all of these areas are put up for developmen­t. A TAXPAYER-FUNDED app is now available for time-poor parents to learn how to become more involved with their child’s school performanc­e ( C-M, Aug 21). I suggest parents stop wasting their time looking at apps and instead give all of that spare time to the kids. NOW that royal commission­er Dyson Heydon is being questioned over suggested bias towards the Liberal Party, I hope his answers are not going to be “non-responsive and overly long”.

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