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Using work email is a crime but ‘love rats’ label is over the top


THE only serious “crime” members of the Ashley Madison website have committed is that some have accessed it using government email accounts ( C-M, Aug 21).

Otherwise, what people do in their private lives is their own business. Adultery has been around for centuries, so why the concern now? To brand all users of this website “love rats” is a bit over the top. THE release by hackers of Ashley Madison members’ private informatio­n surely has moral implicatio­ns.

But we also need to consider the health implicatio­ns if they fail to practise safe sex.

Perhaps it is time for society to ask not whether we have marriage equality but whether we are willing to be faithful to our spouses and all those around us. I OBJECT to the Prime Minister’s claim that opponents to the China Free Trade Agreement want to bring back the White Australia policy ( C-M, Aug 21). The FTA with China will allow large Chinese-owned businesses to bring overseas workers to Australia if suitable local workers can’t be found. Does the inability to speak Chinese count? Just look at how the 457 visa has been exploited by some local businesses to bring in overseas workers at the expense of local jobs.

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