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Do I need a wire trace when fishing for mulloway, will they bite me off? Rob Season, Edens Landing

While they do have small sharp teeth, mulloway generally do not bite you off. Most experience­d anglers don’t use a wire trace believing it will spook the fish.

I don’t have a gun licence but am I allowed to carry a powerhead for sharks in my boat? Simon Clarkson, Manly

No, a powerhead is a category A firearm under the Weapons Licensing Act. As a result you’re required to have a firearms licence to possess one. It is also covered by the Firearms Carry and Storage Regulation­s.

I’m petrified of sharks. Is there something I can carry in our yacht with the safety equipment that would keep them away if I did capsize? Sally Fellows, Beachmere

Studies show one of the most effective deterrents is an electronic device called a Shark Shield. They are available in several styles to suit different applicatio­ns, although they are not cheap.

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