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Today is August 22. There are 131 days left in the year. Highlights in history: 1485 - England’s King Richard III is killed fighting against overwhelmi­ng odds at the Battle of Bosworth, ending War of the Roses. 1567 - Spanish Duke of Alba establishe­s “Council of Blood” and begins a reign of terror as military governor in the Netherland­s. 1642 - English Civil War begins when King Charles I brands Parliament and its soldiers as traitors. 1654 - Jacob Barsimson, said to be the first Jewish immigrant to America, lands at New Amsterdam. 1717 - Spain attacks Sardinia under the pretext that some Spanish subjects have been arrested in Italy. 1770 - James Cook takes possession of the eastern coast of “New Holland”. At Possession Island in Torres Strait, Cook claims the eastern coast of the continent for Great Britain under the name of New South Wales. 1775 - England’s King George III proclaims the American colonies in a state of open rebellion. 1784 - Vincent Lunardi makes England’s first hot-air balloon flight, accompanie­d by a cat and dog. 1788 - British found settlement in Sierra Leone, Africa, as asylum for freed slaves. 1799 - Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte abandons the Egyptian campaign and slips past blockading British ships to return to France. 1851 - The schooner America beats the Aurora off the English coast to win a trophy that became known as the America’s Cup. 1872 - Ernest Giles (pictured) begins his first expedition with two other men into the Australian desert, leaving from Chambers Pillar; The northern and southern sections of the Overland Telegraph Line, crossing the Australian continent, are joined. 1911 - Leonardo da Vinci painting Mona

Lisa is stolen from Louvre in Paris, France. It is recovered in Italy in 1913. 1941 - Nazi troops reach outskirts of Soviet city of Leningrad in World War II. 1952 - The US announces it will pay South Korea another $35 million to help defray the cost of keeping US troops there.

1955 - A US Navy patrol plane with 16 men on board is shot down off mainland China, by Chinese Communist aircraft. 1958 - US president Dwight Eisenhower offers to halt US nuclear tests for one year on condition that the Soviet Union refrains from further testing and agrees to open negotiatio­ns for an internatio­nal nuclear test control system. 1968 - Pope Paul VI arrives in Bogota, Colombia, for the start of his first papal visit to Latin America. 1981 - A Taiwanese domestic jetliner explodes in mid-air and bursts into flames, killing all 110 people on board. 1994 - Ernesto Zedillo, rolling up a commanding presidenti­al victory in Mexico, vows to stick to the free-market course set by his predecesso­r. 1996 - Monsoon rains and a snowstorm sweep across the Himalayas during a Hindu pilgrimage to a mountain temple, killing more than 200 people. Tens of thousands are stranded. 2006 - A Russian passenger jet crashes in Ukraine during a thundersto­rm just minutes after sending a distress signal, killing all 170 people on board, including dozens of children. 2007 - 14 US soldiers are killed when a Black Hawk helicopter crashes during a night-time mission in northern Iraq. 2008 - Columns of Russian tanks roll out of key positions deep inside Georgia as a promised pullback begins. 2014 - Ten National Rugby League players accept a three-month ban in a dramatic end to the supplement­s saga.

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