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KEVIN Rudd has landed a gig hosting one of the world’s most influentia­l TV shows.

The former prime minister will anchor CNN’s flagship current affairs program Amanpour, which is beamed into 280 million households in more than 200 countries.

His debut appearance this Saturday filling in for regular host, the legendary war correspond­ent Christiane Am- anpour, will be a 30-minute show produced in London and featuring interviews on climate change and the Chinese economy.

Mr Rudd – who recently sold his inner-Brisbane home after relocating to the US – has never previously publicly expressed an interest in broadcasti­ng.

But he has been actively lobbying to be the secretaryg­eneral of the United Nations. And not only will his television gig offer him a glo- bal stage but also a unique networking opportunit­y – as Amanpour is married to former US assistant secretary of state James Rubin, who is a former adviser and close ally of powerful US presidenti­al hopeful Hillary Clinton. Mr Rudd’s most infamous attempt at TV ended up in a Ron Burgundy-style blooper reel of expletive-laden outtakes, as the former PM battled to deliver pieces to camera in Mandarin.

KEVIN Rudd has landed a gig hosting one of the most watched and influentia­l current affairs shows in the world.

The former prime minister, who is gunning for the post of UN Secretary General, will on Saturday show off his interview skills on CNN’s flagship global affairs program, Amanpour.

The program, anchored by Christiane Amanpour, reaches an audience of more than 280 million in more than 200 countries around the world.

Amanpour is extremely influentia­l in world affairs as CNN’s chief internatio­nal correspond­ent, giving Mr Rudd a unique platform and audience to push his claim for the UN post.

Mr Rudd, who is rebrand- ing himself, will interview UN climate change envoy Christiana Figueres Olsen and CNN internatio­nal correspond­ent Stan Grant about his Aboriginal heritage and the struggles Australia is still having coming to terms with its past.

He will also flex his brain on his knowledge of China and its economy.

Amanpour is based in London and has the most analysed Twitter account by heads of state and government­s.

A prolific user of social media, Rudd took to Twitter to share the announceme­nt.

CNN last night released a media statement saying Mr Rudd was one of five guest hosts to replace Amanpour while she was on leave. The show will air on Saturday at 1pm for 30 minutes.

It understood it will be recorded just before it goes to air.

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 ??  ?? KEVIN07: Kevin Rudd prepares for his hosting role on Amanpour.
KEVIN07: Kevin Rudd prepares for his hosting role on Amanpour.

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