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New QMF director sought, pilot’s licence preferable


THE hunt is on for the next artistic director of the Queensland Music Festival l (Q (QMF)) – and it would be e handy if that person n had a pilot’s licence.

James Morrison n will announce his reetiremen­t from the e job today.

Morrison is an n experience­d pilotot and flew himself around to many of the festival’sl’ regionali nal locations.



Athol Young said the chances of getting another pilot were slim. ‘”I don’t think we will find so someone like that ag again in a hurry,” Yo Young said.

Morrison, 52, wh who travelled the sta state with his trusty tru trumpet, said his us use-by date was ne never a secret. The QMF QMF, a biennial festival has a bu budget of about $8 million (including $3.2 million of state government funding).

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