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Trash tips Beirut into angry crisis


BEIRUT: Activists in Lebanon have vowed to press ahead with protests over a trash crisis that have become an outlet for deep-rooted, widespread frustratio­n over political stagnation, corruption and crumbling infrastruc­ture.

Large crowds massed in central Beirut for demonstrat­ions that demanded a resumption of rubbish collection, stopped when a rubbish tip overflowed, and a political overhaul, even the government’s resignatio­n.

Security forces have erected concrete blast walls at the protest site.

Organisers of the “You Stink” campaign said another demonstrat­ion would be postponed after violence erupted, but vowed the campaign would continue. “We need to reassess and organise our demands,” they said in a statement.

Analysts said the protests were now about much more than rubbish.

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