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Bachelor girls get a minder


SOAKING up their newfound fame at Myer’s fashion show on Monday night were some of the bacheloret­tes.

But Channel 10 was making sure they were not getting up to any trouble – or spilling any secrets – with a publicist tagging along.

Jasmin Brown, Nina Rolleston and Reshael Sirputh seemed to be having a great night, with Brown posting this picture (above).

The trio of brunettes caught the eye of fashion guru Alex Perry, who nicknamed the girls ‘‘the Kardashian­s”.

One of the ladies alluded that they were being kept on a tight leash, perhaps unsurprisi­ngly given how much controvers­y this season has had.

Heather appeared to confess this week that she and Bachelor Sam Wood were an item, claiming she had found a friend “as well as a partner” in Wood.

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