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Hayne a wonderful example of striving to achieve dreams


TALENT on its own will never guarantee success. True achievemen­t also requires an ability to dream, a serious work ethic and the courage to actually chase your goals.

Whether National Rugby League star Jarrod Hayne carves out a longer career in the fiercely competitiv­e NFL competitio­n in the US remains to be seen but his natural sporting flair and commitment to a new code have American sports fans and commentato­rs transfixed.

The former Parramatta Eels playmaker – still young and guaranteed big money and support had he stayed in Australia’s NRL – has taken himself way out of any known comfort zone with a switch to gridiron; a move that comes with no surety other than a chance to prove himself.

So far he is doing that in spades. Hayne is wowing the NFL with a style of attacking play born of years among the elite of Australia’s league competitio­n.

That ability to think on your feet, create your own gaps in play and exploit them in a split second is clearly evident in the slicing runs Hayne is making to much acclaim for his new club, the San Francisco 49ers.

Importantl­y, the Hayne experiment is a shining example to all of us – young Australian­s in particular – to never be afraid to back yourself in your ambitions.

In an era when too often rising talent makes headlines for all the wrong reasons, Hayne is the sort of role model for self-belief and commitment we should be proud of.

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