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External exams pass test


CONGRATULA­TIONS to Education Minister Kate Jones for announcing the reintroduc­tion of external exams to senior school assessment ( C-M, Aug 25).

For 25 years, the predominan­t method of assessment has been the take-home, teach-yourself assignment task, which has fostered a culture of “do the research, hand it in, then forget it”.

As a result, our students have been graduating without necessary permanent knowledge, which is an important springboar­d for any further study. Leo Bradley, Cannon Hill THE real question for Kate Jones is, will she be able to defy the teachers’ union clinging to the social moderation/assignment system of school assessment?

Or will she bring in a system that is fair for students and transparen­t for parents, like the other states already use, with 50 per cent external exams and 50 per cent scaled school tests? Matthew Dean, Mt Gravatt East

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