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Call to parents over kids’ immunity


PARENTS of unvaccinat­ed Queensland children could soon be receiving a call urging them to bring their immunisati­ons up to date under a $1.5 million program to be rolled out in October.

Health Minister Cameron Dick says that the 13 HEALTH hotline will be used to contact the parents of up to 35,000 children under the age of five who are not fully immunised in a bid to bring the state’s immunisati­on rate up to 95 per cent.

About 6000 of those are believed to be the children of conscienti­ous objectors.

It is understood doctors will contact parents first before 13 HEALTH starts making calls from October 1.

“Currently 92.3 per cent of five-year-olds in Queensland have their vaccinatio­ns up to date. We need to do more,” Mr Dick said. “What we’ll be doing is we’ll be using our 13 HEALTH contact centre to reach out to families of children who aren’t fully immunised.”

Parents will be directed to their nearest free clinic while a specialist clinic will be set up at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital. Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said bringing the vaccinatio­n rate up to 95 per cent would ensure eradicated diseases did not make a comeback.

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