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JONES Minister says she did not mislead the Parliament


SMALL Business MinisterMi­ni Kate Jones has rejected suggestion­ssugge she ““misled” misled” Parliament, as the LNP asks that she be referred t to the Ethics Committee.

Earlier this week, Ms Jones told a parliament­ary Estimate Estimates hearing: ““Has Has anyone from CCI CCIQ, AIG ... ever said to me ... ‘kee ‘keep the previous government’s re red-tape target, which was based o on a public servant sitting in aba back room counting words and pages of legislatio­n?’ No, not one.”

She revealed how the Newman government usedu public servants to follow guidelines that spelt out how to identify ““red-tape”red- tape” keywordske­ywor as they worked through legislatio­n.le

Opposition sm small business spokesman Tim Nicholls yesterday wrote to Speaker Pete Peter Wellington accusing Ms Jones of misre misreprese­nting CCIQ’s view views and misleading Par Parliament.

Mr Nicholls point pointed to a Marc March 31 letter receivedre­cei by Ms JonesJone from the CCIQCCI – which she acknowledg­edacknow in later corresp correspond­ence. It is understood­understoo the letter reiterated­reitera the CCIQ’sCCI “longstandi­ngstan approach”pro to combatingc­om red tape involved “e “establishi­ng a baseline of existingex­is regulatory requiremen­ts”require to impose “constraint­s“constrai on regulators”.

It is also under understood the correspond­ence no noted how CCIQ ““stronglyst­rongly support supported the former state government’s a approach to measure the existing bur burden of red tape and set a reduction ta target”.

Ms Jones and the CCIQ last night issued a joint statement, s saying they were ““committedc­ommitted to addr addressing the significan­t regulatory bur burden facing Queensland small busines businesses”.

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