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This not-so-gentle cocky prefers blondes


COCKATOO keeper Tom Patterson feels like a bit of a galah. The Dreamworld wildlife education officer has been forced to don a blonde wig during his rounds of the cockatoo enclosures to avoid getting his feathered friends in a flap.

Most of the drama centres a around Poya, an 11-year-old Major Mitchell cockatoo raised by blonde female keepers.

When Tom arrived last y year, Poya (left) went berserk – u until he started wearing a wig.

“For eight months I couldn’t get anywhere near her, and it seemed like we tried everything,” the brunette said. “Almost as a joke I thought I would try a blonde wig as the other keepers had blonde hair.”

While the two aren’t exactly best mates, Poya will now tolerate Tom.

As to the question of whether blondes have more fun. “Well at least she doesn’t try to attack me so much, so I’d have to say yes.”

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