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Commission­er says ambos targeted in 170 assaults


QUEENSLAND’S ambulance officers were subjected to 170 assaults last financial year and were abused verbally almost 60 0 times.

Queensland Ambulance Service Commission­er Russell Bowles told a parliament­ary estimates hearing of the number of assaults that had occurred between June 30, 2014, and July 1 this year.

“Can I say just one assault of a paramedic is one too Israel, the Netherland­s, the Czech Republic and Spain.

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every patient. many,” Mr Bowles (p (pictured) said. ““We make every effo fort to ensure that a assaults are report ted to the police.”

The Commission­er was also quizzed on the mentalt health of the state’s’ paramedics, who are subjected to psychometr­ic testing before being hired.

Mr Bowles said about 10 claims for psychiatri­c or psychologi­cal harm were accepted in 2012-13, 14 in 2013-14 and 13 last financial year.

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