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Disease believed to have been caused by 9/11 terror attack


IT BECAME one of the enduring images that helped symbolise an unfathomab­le disaster.

But Marcy Borders – the woman who was photograph­ed covered in ash and pulverised concrete as she fled the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 – has now died.

The 42-year-old mother of two, who became known as “Dust Lady” because of the iconic photograph, died from stomach cancer on Monday.

Her first cousin, John Borders, said she “unfortunat­ely succumbed to the diseases that (have) ridden her body

since 9/11”.

Ms Borders, who was diagnosed with cancer last August, had been undergoing chemothera­py. In November she said she believed the cancer was caused from Twin Towers dust she inhaled.

“I definitely believe it because I haven’t had any illnesses,” she told “I don’t have high blood pressure ... high cholestero­l, diabetes.”

Other family members, including her brother, Michael Borders, took to Facebook to acknowledg­e her passing. “I can’t believe my sister is gone,” Mr Borders wrote.

Ms Borders suffered from depression and substance abuse in the aftermath of the terror attack, as well as lingering nightmares.

The New Jersey resident had only worked at Bank of America for one month and was running late for work on the day of the terror attack.

“I was picking the junk off my desk, get- ting ready to start my day,” she told The Daily Mail in 2011.

“That was when the plane hit. That’s when the building started quaking and swaying. I lost all control and I went into a frenzy. I fought my way out of that place.”

Remarkably, she remembered her supervisor ordering people to remain calm and to stay at their desks, but she refused.

“I was getting out of there,” Ms Borders said.

She staggered on to the street, where worse was to come.

“I heard a massive explosion and it was like a big bomb had gone off. I had no idea the tower had fallen,” she said.

Ms Borders said she didn’t even notice photograph­er Stan Honda, from the AFP news agency, taking her picture as she fled.

The image later appeared in Time magazine’s “25 most powerful images” list.

 ??  ?? STATUESQUE: Stan Honda’s iconic 9/11 photograph of Marcy Borders; Ms Borders a month after the attack (left).
STATUESQUE: Stan Honda’s iconic 9/11 photograph of Marcy Borders; Ms Borders a month after the attack (left).

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