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Vax benefits not just theory


COUNTLESS millions are spent each year in Queensland treating otherwise preventabl­e conditions. These include whooping cough, measles or chickenpox – all illnesses that can generally be avoided through a simple program of childhood vaccinatio­ns.

“Herd immunity” – considered to be immunisati­on rates of about 95 per cent — is paramount, despite the junk science spouted by anti-vax conspiracy theorists. The Queensland Government’s cost-effective move to contact the parents of up to 35,000 unvaccinat­ed children, or those needing booster shots, in an effort to lift immunisati­on rates should therefore be applauded.

Often a failure to vaccinate is just oversight, and busy parents are not to be blamed. All Queensland parents should remember though that, as of January 1, families with unvaccinat­ed children may be ineligible for some Commonweal­th payments, and the Palaszczuk Government also hopes to enact laws enabling child care centres to adopt exclusion policies.

It is not just the health of your child but also that of others that is at stake.

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