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In this age of infobesity, Beach House comes along and clears your seven chakras and makes you think starting an album review with new-age mumbo jumbo is a wise idea. On their fifth record, Baltimore babes Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally continue their blindfolde­d quest to make the ultimate dream-pop song. This time they’re using scratchy Fender sounds — nail-digs that don’t break the flesh — on Sparks and Beyond Love. Legrand’s French heritage lends a formidable flourish to Levitation and 10:37, and perhaps the most noticeable thing Beach House are doing in 2015 compared to other bands is … breathing. They don’t care if they don’t make your Facebook feed, this ain’t no frenzy. Just breeeeathe.

SOUNDS LIKE: a multi-sensory delight, ah, that’s the spot IN A WORD: class

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