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League buys a seat on Hayne plane to success


EVEN being totally ignorant about American football, I can see one reason why Jarryd Hayne (pictured) is making an impact ( C-M, Aug 25).

It’s a lot easier to run with the football when, with no obstructio­n laws, your team mates are able to protect you from defending players.

However, Hayne is to be congratula­ted on his progress to date.

It seems rugby league, desperatel­y craving for expansion of its code, now sees Hayne’s success as somehow useful in promoting rugby league to Americans.

I doubt this idea is founded on much logic.

Americans love simplicity in their sports. Just as baseball lacks the finesse of cricket, gridiron has fewer complexiti­es than rugby league. In terms of converting the Americans, I think the reverse is more likely.

Twenty20 cricket is played more like baseball than cricket and is effective in eroding the ability of modern players to adapt to Test cricket.

However the NRL could be on to a winner if it slightly modified its own game.

If rugby league players were to wear suits of armour, replace scrums with huddles and dispense with offside and forward passes, then I’m confident rugby league could be embraced by Americans.

Still, if dumbing down rugby league to accommodat­e Americans is all that’s required, then the NRL’s plans for internatio­nal expansion should progress seamlessly. Crispin Walters, Chapel Hill

YOUR Editorial ( C-M, Aug 26) was a beacon of light with the positive news stories about Jarryd Hayne launching his NFL career in the US on the one hand and the new education reform on the other.

Both stories offer hope and inspiratio­n for the future.

Hayne will inspire other young Australian­s to have a go and realise that the world is your oyster if you dare to dream and go after your dreams with a little risk-taking along the way.

Reformatio­n of the education system in Queensland will provide a better platform to launch the next generation into exciting global opportunit­ies that await them.

Queensland is already being recognised as a global centre of excellence in many areas of scientific research.

Despite all the uncertaint­ies of the modern world there is much reason for hope. David Muir, Indooroopi­lly WHAT will journalist­s write if Jarryd Hayne becomes a 49er?

Your double-page spread was a little over the top so we must brace ourselves for an even greater onslaught.

Hayne’s ability cannot be denied but when will the glorifying end? He’s no bolt from Down Under. Ken Johnston, Rochedale South

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