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Rudd’s star turn a self-promotion


YOU really have to hand it to Kevin Rudd. He’s a master of self-promotion.

And what a great vehicle he has chosen to charm his way into the role of United Nations secretary-general.

As a host on a global news service such as CNN ( C-M, Aug 26), Rudd can reveal his depth of concern on world issues to the masses – at least to those who matter.

Well, good luck to him just the same.

If he feels he can really make a difference, then go for it. Who knows he just might. Russell McGregor, Fitzgibbon IT WOULDN’T surprise me if Kevin Rudd does exceptiona­lly well hosting CNN’s flagship global affairs program Amanpour on Saturday.

If that well-regarded program has an audience reach of about 280 million people in more than 200 countries around the world, then Rudd, if he succeeds in reaching out to more global viewers on climate change and other major issues, will certainly progress his candidatur­e for the post of UN secretary-general.

Good luck to him. Hopefully he can put our climate-change sceptical Abbott Government to shame internatio­nally. Eric Palm, Gympie WITH his proven track record of pursuing and revelling in the limelight, I could not think of a more appropriat­e person to anchor a global television program than Kevin Rudd.

Good on him. He may even be able to garner a permanent role if he appeals to the masses. Claire Jolliffe, Buderim IT WOULD appear that Kevin Rudd has joined the long list of former Labor politician­s who, on losing their political career, cannot wait to get out of the state or country quick enough. Mike Crowley, Maroochydo­re JODI VERRILLES 50, spray painter, Canungra The bikie laws. I ride a Harley-Davidson, but I’m not a bikie. The way the police pick on you all the time for riding a bike is frustratin­g. ASHLEIGH SEE 18, recreation worker, Nerang Road rules around merging. Nobody seems to understand them and they cause so many accidents.

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