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WHEN Ben Roberts-Smith VC was under fire in Afghanista­n, he little imagined his military skills would one day serve him well in the boardroom

But Mr Roberts-Smith (pictured), who was appointed general manager of Seven Queensland in July, has found his fighting skills highly adaptable to business.

The ex-soldier joins an increasing number of his former colleagues-in-arms who are taking up management and business roles in civvy street.

“There will always be less liability for employers hiring ex-military personnel,” Mr Roberts-Smith said. “They are proven team players who have strong value sets and possess the ability to assimilate informatio­n and apply it to the task at hand within short time frames.”

A former member of the elite Special Air Service, Mr Roberts-Smith had previously been Seven Queensland’s deputy general manager after he conducted leadership seminars for the station.

Ex-military people are not only becoming increasing­ly sought-after in management roles but many are starting their own businesses in everything from technology to constructi­on. According to the Australian Defence Force, the mining and security sectors still attract the bulk of exservice personnel. But other industries such transport, retail and telecommun­ications also are proving attractive.

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