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Cabs not being given a fare go


CABBIE Kim Dessaix says she is all for fair competitio­n.

“I have no problem if Uber becomes regulated, but at the moment, it isn’t fair,” the Black & White Taxis driver (pictured) said.

“I have been writing letters to local MPs about Uber and its effect on the taxi industry.

“I’m very worried about Uber, we are all losing income as a result.

“People complain that taxis are too expensive, but the taxi drivers aren’t the ones making all the money. The Government charges cab owners so much, that’s why they are more expensive.’’

Ms Dessaix thinks slashing the 10 per cent surcharge on credit cards would boost cabs’ competitiv­eness. “It is unfair, and I think customers would be a lot happier without

that charge,” she said.

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