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Colleagues choke back tears on air


CO-WORKERS of murder victims Alison Parker and Adam Ward observed an emotional one-minute on-air yesterday.

Breakfast show anchor Kimberly McBroom joined hands with her co-host and weatherman at 6.45am – the exact time the pair were shot dead the previous day.

McBroom, whose shocked expression was captured in the studio as she witnessed her colleagues murdered on live TV, said: “Joining hands here on the desk, it’s the only way to do it.” Also on the show broadcast by WDBJ7 in Virginia was Ms Parker’s boyfriend Chris Hurst, a 28-year-old fellow journalist on the station.

Hurst said their love for each other “burned white hot for only a short matter of time”.

Several other reporters were shaking and wiping away tears as they went on air to pay tribute to reporter Parker, 24, and 27-year-old cameraman Ward. Weatherman Leo Hirsbrunne­r choked with emotion as he delivered the forecast.

Hurst later gave the weatherman a hug as both men fought back tears.

Both victims had been planning to get married to colleagues at the station.

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