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Time for US to take aim at nonsensica­l gun laws


WE HAVE witnessed what I believe to be the most shocking example of callous murder following the shooting of a TV reporter and cameraman by a deranged gunman in the US ( C-M, Aug 28).

This had no bearing on terrorism; rather, it was reported to be payback by a staff member of the television station.

Will this result in any change of gun-law policy in the United States?

Sadly and tragically, no. The constituti­on’s “right to bear arms” wins again. a $2 vegetable peeler and this needed to be cleared by someone because it had a blade.

Americans need to wake up to their gun laws and change them now. It’s time for them to look at how our laws in Australia work. How many more people need to be killed? ures to keep innocent civilians safe from harm or death.

It is horrific to see footage of a reporter and her cameraman colleague falling victim to a gunman who they once worked with.

It just shows how unexpresse­d anger can manifest in such an evil act.

Violence is never the solution to any situation.

It’s sad to see such competent, good people senselessl­y slaughtere­d.

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