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Overworked ministers will prove to be false economy in long run


PREMIER Palaszczuk wants to show that she can save public money, but overburden­ing and overworkin­g ministers so they can barely keep up isn’t the way to do it.

As your Editorial ( C-M, Aug 27) pointed out, saving $20 million out of a $50 billion budget is a drop in the ocean.

There are bound to be other areas in which savings could be more substantia­l and without compromisi­ng the good job ministers can do.

No one could harshly judge the Premier for wanting to save money and most of the ministers have proven they are up to the task of juggling multiple portfolios.

But at what cost? Will we end up with burnt-out ministers and will the business of administer­ing the state suffer? TRADE union royal commission­er Dyson Heydon has changed the date of his decision on whether to resign at least three times, prolonging the agony into its second week ( C-M, Aug 28). Are the “Three Amigos” – Andrew Wilkie, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor – about to lose their record as Australia’s worst procrastin­ators? LUKE Marsden’s photograph of a boy feeding seagulls ( C-M, Aug 27) deserves applause. If there is a striking photo in the paper, I look for Marsden’s name beside it.

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