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VEGETARIAN­S and vegans, it’s a cringe-worthy topic but let’s cut it open.

All agree that most are far too invasive with their opinion of carnivores.

How do you find a vegan at a party? Answer: Don’t worry they’ll find you.

I suppose as a fellow vegetarian I should be huddling around the campfire singing Kumbayah.

But I’m not because colleagues and friends care about what I digest about as much as they care about how many times I’ve been to Bikram yoga this week.

There are several reasons why you could take the yellow brick road of veganism.

It could be on moral grounds, a personal struggle, health reasons or maybe you think it makes your lifestyle seem more impressive to someone that doesn’t matter.

Unless you have been off the bacon for at least a decade we don’t want to hear about your chia seed pudding or energy influx because you cut out red meat. We don’t want to hear about your gluten-free pasta when we are glutenfrie­ndly.

And we really don’t want to see you play musical chairs at a restaurant because someone ordered veal with asparagus.

Yes, the reality of abattoirs is awful but this applies for children born with HIV and many other topics no one wants to talk about at the dining room table.

And for those who think they are dramatical­ly reducing their carbon footprint when embracing meat-free Monday, you can run along too.

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