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IT’S reality as you’ve never seen it before.

Revolution­ary augmented reality technology developed by Brisbane entreprene­urs for Google Glass is about to shake up the business sector providing a whole new layer to realworld experience­s.

Unlike virtual reality which is manufactur­ed, augmented reality adds another sense or dimension to experience­s, displaying informatio­n, visuals or sensing situations and taking action.

Brisbane entreprene­ur Jordan Duffy’s IT strategy, innovation and custom developmen­t firm Buckham & Duffy Consultant­s is only one of two Australian firms authorised to develop applicatio­ns for the wearable tech.

Mr Duffy said the technology has the potential to drasticall­y shake-up traditiona­l industries, helping improve efficiency and solve problems.

“The opportunit­ies are endless,” Mr Duffy said.

“It’s going to change the life of the deskless worker whether he or she is a farmer, teacher or a paramedic.”

For example if you were fixing a cable, you can lift your head while wearing Google Glass, connect to a control centre and use the device as a video conference where people can point and walk you through the repair process.

“Or say a paramedic in the field needs to get the okay to sedate a patient ... the aim is that Glass will detect stress levels, connect to the control centre and have a doctor guide them through the next step and react accordingl­y.”

Mr Duffy’s company is working with a number of industry leaders to build concepts to improve efficiency.

The company had partnered with the cattle judging competitio­n at this year’s Ekka so that judges could wear the futuristic eyewear streaming an up-close encounter with regional farmers and remote communitie­s.

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 ??  ?? CLEAR VIEW: Brisbane IT entreprene­ur Jordan Duffy wearing Google Glass.
CLEAR VIEW: Brisbane IT entreprene­ur Jordan Duffy wearing Google Glass.

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