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Are there any regulation­s about carrying dogs in boats. For example, do they have to wear a life jacket? Deborah Monahan, Browns Plains

No, dogs are not required to have a life jacket, however, there are regulation­s prohibitin­g them from being out of the boat on many foreshores, waterside recreation­al areas and national parks.

Can you eat sharks? Maybe that would solve the shark problem. David Ratherly, Zillmere

Yes, shark is regarded as a top table fish, sold in many fish and chip shops as flake. Regulation­sg prohibit the taking of all sharks over 1.5m. Some species under that size can be kept but there is a bag limit of one per angler.

I caught a silver fish in the Broadwater that was almost triangle in shape and had very long tassels off all its fins. Do you know what it would have been? I let it go and didn’t take a photo. Robbie Weltman, Richlands

It sounds like a diamond trevally. They are found in tropical waters and recorded up to 1.5m in length. Juveniles have extremely long filaments trailing from their dorsal, anal and pelvic fins. These are absent on larger adult fish.

What does it cost to go to Fraser Island just for a day to drive up the beach? Sienna McDonald, Caboolture

Currently it will cost you $166.65. The minimum 4WD permit period is one month and costs $46.65. The barge fee at Inskip Point is $120 at the moment.

 ??  ?? 84cm cod caught off GOOD COD: Eric Frei with a Mooloolaba at night.
84cm cod caught off GOOD COD: Eric Frei with a Mooloolaba at night.

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