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Beat cops just the ticket


NOTWITHSTA­NDING the dramas currently confrontin­g Premier Palaszczuk with her somewhat clumsy police minister and her alleged out-of-control Gold Coast police officers, I think it appropriat­e that I record my congratula­tions to them for a job well done.

I was en route on the M1 last Saturday morning and I counted as many as one fixed camera unit, two police motorcycli­sts, four marked police cars and two unmarked cars all busy doing their patrols and writing tickets.

I received a ticket on Thursday from a very polite officer for my overlookin­g a flashing 40km/hour limit sign outside Ashmore State School. It is reassuring to know that in the face of all your challenges, you all are still interested in trying to get it right on the ground. Richard K Tiainen, Holland Park West

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