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Daughter demands tough new road laws


AUDREY Dow was killed by a car that never should have been on the road.

The grandmothe­r (pictured) was 50m from safety, driving to her North Mackay home with her granddaugh­ter, when a car entered her lane and smashed into their car head-on in July 2013.

The driver of the other car was driving while disqualifi­ed and was using his phone at the time of the crash, the Coroner found in an inquest finalised this year.

Daughter Angela Meiklejohn said the family had been devastated by the crash with the other driver only receiving a $4000 fine.

“It’s very easy to kill yourself or somebody else on the road,” she said.

Ms Meiklejohn urged drivers to be careful, saying she felt sick seeing drivers using their phones.

“How many times does someone have to reoffend before getting the ultimate penalty of going to jail?” Ms Meiklejohn said. “We would like to prevent this painful situation happening to other people. Be strong. When you are driving, you’re busy. You can’t concentrat­e on the phone and on watching the road ... your friends and your messages can wait five minutes.”

Ms Meiklejohn said bringing in double demerit points for drivers caught using mobile phones while driving was not enough, as it was only a deterrent for people who had a driver’s licence.

Her family wants to change legislatio­n where a driver who kills or causes serious bodily harm while driving without a licence, or while on a mobile phone, is charged with the higher charge of “dangerous dangerous driving driving”. .

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