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The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption was establishe­d on March 13, 2014 in line with Tony Abbott’s pre-election vow to mount an inquiry into a slush fund at the AWU. It is looking into how unions are run and how they use members’ dues.

4 arrests by the AFP’s Trade Union taskforce

26 people referred to 11 state and federal agencies for investigat­ion

Julia Gillard was questioned over her decades-old legal work for the AWU and allegation­s renovation­s on her house were paid for using a union slush fund but no adverse findings were made

Bill Shorten failed to declare a $40,000 donation to his 2007 federal election campaign as required by law until just two days before he appeared before the commission

Chiquita Mushrooms paid the AWU $4000 a month for ‘training programs’ while Mr Shorten was head of the AWU, allegedly at the expense of workers rights

The AWU signed up ‘phantom members’ including netballers and champion jockeys without their knowledge to increase their power base

A Canberra builder was allegedly forced to pay CFMEU officials $135,000 in corrupt cash payments so he could access constructi­on sites in Canberra

Two men, who had worked with the CFMEU, were arrested after allegation­s of blackmail and standover tactics

Phone taps revealed CFMEU officials abusing and threatenin­g tradies in a bid to get cash payments from them

Sydney underworld d figure George Alex gave evidence about connection­s bbetweent the Sydney constructi­on industry and the criminal world

NSW CFMEU boss Brian Parker (below, centre) was deemed “not a fit and proper person to hold office as the secretary of the NSW branch”

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